Delivering a productive staff and connected patrons with zero downtime.

As an expansive entertainment center located in Omaha, Alley V, consists of a 16-lane bowling alley, video arcade, laser tag, restaurant and bar and corporate meeting spaces. All of which require networked technology. In 2013, the facility was nearing completion of the construction phase and needed someone to take on its extensive networking needs.

Through referrals and an introductory meeting, Turner was selected to build and implement Alley V’s networked technology solution with an original timeline of just five weeks. After gaining a full understanding of the company’s needs and its customer’s expectations, we designed a solution that would deliver maximum uptime.


The facility did include wiring closets and a server room, however physical challenges were a consideration through the design of the network. To further simplify the process, Turner also coordinated the selection of and communication with key vendors, including cable, security, phone systems, A/V components and others. Once the network was up and running, we trained the Alley V staff to diagnose and address issues internally. Empowering its internal team to manage the technology internally saves the company time and unnecessary maintenance costs — while maximizing the customer experience.

Alley V’s networked technology solution includes:

  • Bowling lanes and scoring capabilities: controlled by networked systems that communicate between the in-house Point-of-Sale (POS) system and the Internet.
  • Video arcade: utilizes a gaming card system that’s networked to the POS system.
  • Phone system: connected via network.
  • Video surveillance and alarm system: connected via network.
  • Public WiFi: requires bandwidth to accommodate up to 400 people during events.
  • TV and audio equipment: controlled and accessed through the network.

By starting with a conversation about how the business needed to run, across all facets of operation, we could effectively designed, coordinated and implemented a networked technology solution that delivers maximum uptime.