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The largest independent furniture retailer in the country, Nebraska Furniture Mart, utilizes a complex “performance pay” model. The pay model combines multiple factors, including hours worked and sales volume, from the company’s time clock system and its point-of-purchase sales system. The tedious process of bringing information together and manually managing payroll led to added pressure and work for the payroll clerk and the accounting department.


Nebraska Furniture Mart asked us to build a system that would automate the collection and processing of its “performance pay” model and automatically update that information to its payroll vendor. We worked closely with the company’s accounting team to ensure needs were met, including freeing their time for other tasks.

Turner developed a software solution that effectively streamlines Nebraska Furniture Mart’s payroll process. As the company has continued to expand, its customized “performance pay” system has adapted to effectively accommodate the company’s four locations: Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City and The Colony, Texas.