when it comes to follow the leader — we've never played.

We put people before technology

To put it simply, we’re a technology integration company that puts people ahead of technology. We listen to you and your needs before we offer any solutions. We talk about processes before processors. Frankly, we respect the fact that your business is unlike any other in your market. You have your own set of goals, challenges and opportunities. And we will help you integrate technology that’s designed and programmed to meet those goals, overcome those challenges and maximize your opportunities.

How we do anything is how we do everything


We pride ourselves on providing reliable, personalized service to make sure you’re getting the most from your solution.

Not only is our approach different, so is the way our business runs. Our team believes in and lives by four basic principles. We call it The Turner Way. And it’s our promise to you:


Genuine kindness and mutual respect for others is the core of our business


Our team knows technology but is driven by helping others accomplish more



Teamwork isn’t just something we talk about; we lend a hand any and every time



When it comes to ability and accomplishments, we’d rather show than tell you about it


Meet our leadership team

Gary Bren, Managing Partner, Turner Technology

Gary Bren

Managing Partner

Gary Bren has been working in technology since 1984 and has filled the roles of Network Engineer, Software Developer, Business Analyst, and Sales Consultant. He is a co-founder of Turner Technologies and as Managing Partner is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Turner Technology.

Matt Keyes


Matt was Turner’s first network engineer hire in 1993.  Matt worked as a senior engineer for Turner until 2008, when he left the computer industry.  Matt earned a master’s in social work and became a drug and alcohol additional counselor.  Matt rejoined Turner in 2020 as part of the transition in leadership when Rick Turner and Scott Meyers left leadership roles in the company.  Matt acts as an advisor and helps with the strategic leadership of the company.

Matt Holmes

Director of Technology Services

Cole Shackleton, Director of Programming/Development

Cole Shackleton

Director of Software Development

Cole came to Turner in 2013 as a software developer and has contributed to and overseen many of our biggest projects. Cole assumed the role of Director of Software Development in December of 2015. He has over 10 years experience developing and managing software projects for a wide array of industries and environments.

Sara Albertson

Director of operations

Sara started with Turner in 2019 and has filled the roles of Administrative Assistant and Office manager. She started the position of Director of Operations in January 2023. Sara manages the bookkeeping, maintains the quoting and ordering process with our clients and distributors, and assists with the management.  

Jim Gawrych

Director of sales & Account Management

Gretchen Bren, Director of Operations

Gretchen Bren

Director of Special Projects

Gretchen started with Turner in 2018 as a Project Manager and has stepped down as Director of Operations in January 2023.  Gretchen is our certified Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience Facilitator and can help you better implement all the features of Microsoft Office.