Giving Back

Turner Communiyt circle graphic | Community Service is one of Turner Technology's core values

The Turner Team prides itself on being a good neighbor and a significant contributor to the community and the many nonprofits we serve. Our primary corporate effort is the Turner Helping Hands program, which gives employees various options in supporting meaningful causes.

The Helping Hands project has:

  • Served dinner to homeless families and individuals at the Sienna Francis House and Open Door mission.
  • Baked cookies and served the families of hospitalized children at the Ronald McDonald House at Methodist Hospital, and the Rainbow House at Children’s Hospital.
  • Supported the local Channel 7 effort to fill backpacks with school supplies for children from less fortunate families.
  • Donated and packaged food items through the Heartland Food Bank for children who are entitled to free school lunches, but do not have the opportunity for lunches on the weekend.

Every Thanksgiving we have a company fund drive to collect money to support buying turkey and all the trimmings for a Thanksgiving dinner through the auspices of local churches

Every year at Christmas we support the Holiday Angels program. This is where Turner Technology “adopts” an under privileged family identified to us by the Omaha Catholic Archdiocese. Our “adoption” effort ensures that the family and the children get food, clothing and toys so that they too can have a Merry Christmas.

In addition to the company wide efforts in support of community charities, Turner Technology also supports the individual volunteer efforts of our employees. Those efforts include service organizations such as Rotary, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Royal Family Camp for underprivileged children and more. The individual volunteer efforts by Turner employees are measured in the thousands of hours annually.

We do all this in an effort to show that we not only talk about the Turner Way, but that we live the Turner Way. Especially in the case of community involvement, we want to give back so that we can help others to “…elevate their success”.

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