How Quality Living Used Turner Technology to be cost effective.

Quality Living Inc - Main Campus arieal photo - Omaha Nebraska

The Problem

QLI first started a relationship with Turner Technology back in the mid 90’s. From helping with special projects or from time-to-time, filling voids created by natural changes in personnel and staffing, QLI looked for a local partner they could trust with their mission-critical technology needs. Over the three decades, QLI has experienced tremendous growth and during that time, they’ve leaned on Turner Technology for strategic direction, project management and implementation, and other monitoring/backup services we offer. For several years, QLI determined it was more cost-effective to have a relationship with Tuner Technology versus employing a skilled IT staff to handle it all themselves. 

The Solution

With extensive experience in the healthcare and medical industries, we knew we could help QLI when we first made a connection. and we’ve had the pleasure of being their partner for nearly 30 years.  We provide advanced programming, high-end server configuration changes and updates, and we’re the primary vendor for their Microsoft licenses. We built custom failover systems and co-locate backup servers so we can provide a virtual network for employees should anything unfortunate happen to their environment. QLI knows that when it comes to technology and their ever-changing needs and environments, they can count us for answers and support!

From the Client

“Turner Technology has served as a critical resource to QLI for nearly two decades. They have supported our growth from local provider to nationally recognized center of excellence through their expertise, reliability, efficient problem solving, enthusiasm for our mission, and overall commitment to our success. The Turner team represents what being a “partner” truly means! “

Patricia Kearns, President & CEO

About QLI

QLI is a private, nonprofit organization that has become one of the nation’s largest and most renowned providers of specialized rehabilitation and care for adults with brain, spinal cord, or other neurological issues. For over 30 years, QLI has provided a continuum of care that is among the most extensive in the nation, offering five distinct levels of treatment across a system of 211 private rooms. Their 400 dedicated and talented staff led QLI to the unique distinction of being named Best Place to Work in Omaha an unprecedented seven times by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and twice designated the coveted Sustained Excellence Award. 

LOCATION: Omaha, Nebraska


INDUSTRY: Rehabilitation and Care Center

EMPLOYEE COUNT: 400 employees offering five district levels of treatment across a system of  211 private rooms.